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How Motherhood Has Changed My Why

You see those two girls up there, that is why I do what I do. The END! You can scroll through the rest of the post for the photos the rest is just buckets and buckets of words.

Ok not really just words. There is a little more to the story about why I do what I do.

I'll start with pre Zanella (my oldest)...

When I first picked up my “Big girl camera” and took a photo of my 3 days old newborn...I not only fell in love with my sweet little angel but I fell in love with the art of photograhy.

I loved it!

There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t pick up that camera to capture any little movements my daughter made. I want to capture those memories. I wanted to share them with love ones far way and with friends close by. They loved them on facebook with the thumbs up and they doubled tapped on instagram with a heart. 

But it took me by suprise when a friend asked me to take photos of her son. Like, you want me to do it? I’m not a professional but ok! 

So I google and watched all the youtube videos, created a pinterest board just for the shoot, and gather all the props I could find in my house. I was ready for my 1st shoot. That's how it started and sadly it ended just 3 years later.

Something that I fell in love with (photography) was drained out of me because I wanted to make it a business. I created a 5 year plan to quit my full time job and really go after this, because I was good at it. There are times I wish i could take that time back but then I wouldn’t be here telling you the second part of this story. 

The part that tells you yes, photography drained me but it helped me find my voice. It helped me find my rhythm, it helped me find me why. 

When I was building my photography business I was trying to find more clients and ways to connect with my audience. Let me tell you what people don’t wanna hear. They don’t wanna know the best time to take photos. They don’t wanna know what to wear on their photo shoot. They definitley don’t wanna know about your gear. 

Your clients wanna know about you!They wanna know about the woman behind the camera so that’s what I started to do. I started to share my story. I stared to share the ends and outs of my life. I started photographing my children again. I started sharing my stories about motherhood.

I started to light up!

It came so easily to me. The words flowed out of me like a pen. I loved it. I wanted to do it all the time. 

So I did.

I put down the camera during the busiest month of the year October (family fall photos :-)) and starting blogging about motherhood and I haven’t stopped. 

Why? Because I believe in the power of sharing. I believe that when we share our stories it makes us feel less alone. It brings us closer together.


Motherhood and can one of the most joyus and the most isolating experiences in your life. You love your babies so much and you are so honored to have the pleasure to raise them. But then you are hit with a siutaion that you don’t have the answer on. Or you decied to take a different path than your mother. Or breastfeeding isn’t working but everyone is telling you to not stop. Then all of sudden you are lost, confused, lonely and you don’t have anyone that you can identify with. 

We are all so different and come from so many diffrent walks of life that create so many different perspectives. No one has the answers, there isn’t any right or wrong ways. We are all just trying to do our best but sometimes its nice to know that someone else is on your side. Its nice to hear that someone else has gone through what you have gone through and made it out. All of those things are importatnt 

So that is why I share my stories. 

Listen, I’m a black 33 year old woman who grew up as an army brat. I went to high school in a promidently white school that significiantly shaped my life. I come from a two parent household that had strict rules for me and leant ones for my younger brother. I grew up in and out of church and struggle with my identity all throughout my 20’s

I got married and had my 1st kid a 25 and currenlty live in the subrubs. 

My story, my experiences are sooooo different than so many other mothers, yet its the same in sooooo many diffrent ways. 

Telling our stories allows us to find the common ground, the thread that makes this motherhood experience magically. 

They say it takes a village to raise a child, well I think it takes a community to raise mother. 

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