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Why plants have become my new favorite self care activity

Raise your hand if you are a plant mama! Ok, now raise your hand if you want to become a plant mama but maybe don’t have a green thumb?

Perfect I’m glad we are all here because I have been waiting to write this blog post for a while now.

I first want to say to those who aren’t quite plant mamas don’t give up I was once in your shoes a couple of years ago and literally murdered all of my plants. Some of them I just simply neglected others I overwatered and then some even had bugs! I know eewwww. I hate them too. But I‘m happy to say currently all of the plants that I have now are thriving and are living their best lives. Ok, let’s get into t

Aesthetically Pleasing

If you know me then you know that I love a bobo modern vibe. I‘m really into natural tones and bright and airy spaces. So having plants in a boho space just makes sense. Right? Once I got the hand of how to take care of my plants and which ones to buy for my home the plant addiction started and honestly hasn’t stopped. You see once you get the hang of this plant life all you want is to have a jungle of plants like this one or this one.

I mean as you can see I’m slowly but surely getting there... my husband on the other hand just doesn’t know it... but sssshhhh don’t tell.

I also love how warm and cozy plants make a space. Having small kids in the home can sometimes take away the grow up appeal of the space. When you are stepping over legos, shopkins, and LOL dolls all day it can feel like the kids have taken over the home and you just simply pay the bills and sleep there. However I feel like plants is how I take my power back. Ok I‘m being a little dramatic but I truly think they make the space feel little more grown up and homey. My house at this current stage of my life will not be filled with white furniture and it won’t be in tip top shape so instead I ‘ve opted for it to feel lived in and homey. Plants add that special touch.

Plant Therapy

I think by now we all understand the benefits of having plants in our homes. They act as a air purifier, they add life into a space, and they are pretty to look at. However when you get to the level of plant loving I‘m at they are more than just pretty little things. Let me tell you how happy these little babies make me. When I wake up in the morning and come downstairs the first then I do is open all the blinds so that my plants can get some light, its my way of saying good morning. Looking at them has this calming effect on me and caring for them helps me reduce my anixety.

The simple act of just going plant shopping makes me more happy than anything kind of shopping. The reward to me is much higher and longer laster than buying a pair of shoes or a new cutting board. I ‘m bringing life into the home, which makes my home more homey, which makes me more calm, which makes for a happy mama! You see it’s the circle of life over here. I’m telling you if you want a boost in your self care tank add a plant into your life.

They Keep Me On My Toes

Having plants that are thriving is fun yes, but when they are giving me a hard time surprisingly I still love them. You see there is nothing more rewarding to a plant mom like myself than nursing a plant back to health. Investaging the problem, trying multiple different solutions and providing some extra love and attention to the plant brings me a lot of joy. There have also been a lot of metaphorical life lessons that I have learned from nursing a plant.

When a plant is root bound meaning the pot is too small for the plant and the roots have no where to go it reminds me of being stuck in a space that you have outgrown. Maybe you’ve outgrown your friends or a job or a relationshis and when you leave that “pot” and get into a space that is much more suited for what you have to offer you bloossm and grow to your fullest potential. The same goes for these plants.

Watching a plant go from just trying to survive to thriving because of the work that I did just warms my heart! Now listen not every plant is going to survive I‘ve had to let go of plenty of plants that just needed to go and that’s ok. Its part of the process.

My Favorite Easy Indoor Plants & Resources

Ok now lets talk about the fun stuff...but let me put out a little disclaimer. Number one I ‘m not a horticulturist or master gardener. I am just simply a girl that has fallen in love with plants and spent most of her quarantine time researching plants. So with that being said here are a few of my favorite plants and why

Pothos Plant

  • It doesn’t have any crazy light requirements. It does well in low light, indirect light, direct light, you name it she will be fine.

  • It’s pretty to look. When they are doing well they are full and grow like vines, perfect to place on a shelf or have in a hanging planter.

  • They don’t require a lot of maintenance or water. I literally feel like I don’t water them for like 2 weeks and their soil is still doing fine.

  • They are cheap! I‘ve gotten a few from home depot for like $7. Perfect and a great low risk investment if you ask me. Oh and they are super easy to propagate so its like the gift that just keeps on giving!

Snake Plant

  • She literally requires nothing... ok almost nothing. She is another plant that can thrive in any light situation. I currently have one that is in direct sunlight, indirect sunlight, and one that is in low light and they are alllllll thriving!

  • These babies add a lot of structure into the home. They are perfect plants to be place in a plant stand in the corner.

  • They don’t require a lot of maintenance or water. Their natural habitat is in Africa and so they can tolerate huge stretches without water which is perfect.

  • They are easy to find... I think I‘ve gotten most of mine from home depot for the cheap. Oh and they too are easy to progagte....they just take a little bit longer.

Dumb Cane

  • I really wish she had a different name because there is nothing dumb about this beauty. But here is a little backstory, apparently this plant was used to poision people back in the day. You see the sap of the plant can cause temporary numbness in your throat and vocal chords. So if you have small children or pets this one is probably not the best option.

  • They really low maintenance. They aren’t fussy about their light situation at all. However putting them in direct sunlight might burn their leaves so just be careful there.

  • They are pretty chill when it comes to water. At this point I water my dumb cane like once a week sometimes even longer.

  • They are really pretty. The color of their leaves really add something special to your home.

Of course there are plenty of other plants that are really easy to take care of but these are my favorite. I would also like to through the zz plant in there as an honorable mention because she is also pretty chill. I just got her recently so I don’t have much to report but so far very low maintenance and pretty.

Other Resources

Google College and The University of Youtube have been my best friends when it comes to learning about plants. All the information you need is right there you just have to do a little typing and boom you can get your masters in plants in no time! However to help you save some time here are a few of my favorite places



Rachel Aust

IG (I mainly use these accounts for plant inspiration)








Place to buy plants

Home Depot




The sill

Locally in the Twin Cities


Mother Co

Well friends I hope you all enjoyed this post. If you are already part of the plant community I’m so happy to see you here and if your not I hope to see you soon!



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