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Trader Joe's Haul

Ok! I have a little confession to make... my name is Monica and I'm a Trader Joes' addict. There I said it! Please tell me I'm not alone... I mean if you here then that means you must have a little love for TJ's right? Ok now that we have established our love for this amazing grocery store lets talk about the goods.

Today I went to pick up a a few things so I thought I would share them with you along with some of my all time favorites!

1. Cauliflower Pizza-- Ok! before you turn your noise up to this.. give it a try. Its so good and I promise you will not miss real pizza crust.

2. Hold the Cone Ice cream cones...these are literally the cutest ice cream cones I've ever seen. They are perfect for the kids because its not too much. Oh and lets be real perfect for me too!

3. Mandarin Orange Chicken- This is TJ's cult fav. I don't know if I've even left the place without picking up a bag of this stuff. It has been apart of our weekly meals and not a single piece of chicken is ever left. I love pairing this dish with there chicken potstickers and the goyza dipping sauce.. SOOOOO GOOOOD!!

4.Everything but bagel seasoning....LISTEN!! If you haven't tired this seasoning you truly haven't lived yet.. I'm serious. You need this like right now! It will take your avocado toast up 17,000 notches. I promise.

5. Kettle Corn- Ok so this one isn't just about TJ's kettle corn. At this point I will eat any kettle corn I can get my hands on, but I thought I mention it since its in the pic :-)

6. Cookie Butter.... Yes its as good as it sounds.. so just pick it up, curl up on the couch with some teddy grahams and dig in. Thank me later!

7. Roasted Plantain Chips...the only reason why I even gave these a try was because I was trying to do the whole 30 and needed a chip alternative soooo bad. Before you say something yes I know I technically wasn't suppose to do that but, listen I needed some chips and these were amazing! They are salty, crunchy and taste kinda like a tortilla chip so its perfect for guac!

8. All of the veggies... I truly think their veggies are the best and they are so reasonably priced.

9. Birthday Cake White Chocolate Bar... you don't have to wait until your birthday to dig into this delicious and delightful treat! If you are a white chocolate fan than this will be your jam!

10. Just being there... I know lame but seriously I love walking in there to check out the new florals, picking up a bundle of eucalyptus, searching high and low for new goods, interacting with the friendly employees. They are literally unicorns there! There hasn't been one Trader Joe's employee that I haven't been able to hold a conversation with. The best part is wrapping up my trip with a nice inexpensive bottle of wine. Who doesn't love that?

Because I'm always on the hunt for some new secret Trader Joe's finds let me know in the comments what is your go to Trader Joes's item!

Because I'm always on the hunt for some new secret Trader Joe's finds let me know if the comments what is your go to Trader Joes's item!

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