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The Post-​It Note Vision Board

Ok I don't know about it but I seriously can't believe its already October.....OMG!!!

I feel like I honestly have been saying that every month but this one just hit me a little differently.

A few weeks ago I keep getting this reminder from some of the people I follow on Instagram about how we are getting closer to the last 90 days of the year.

"October marks the last 90 days of the year!!"

" You only have 90 days left!!"

" How are you going to finish the year strong!!!!!"

Ok maybe I'm being a tad bit dramatic but I felt the need to at the very least look at my goals for 2019. Let's do a little check in...honestly it has been a while!!

You know the saying, "I came, I saw, I conquered!!"

Yea that was me when I saw my goals expect there was a lot less conquering happening if you know what I mean.

Damn! I literally didn't make a dent in one thing. Not because I didn't want to but because to be honest this has been a hell of a year for me. Its been filled with a lot more downs, and Oh sh*t moments than I would like to admit. So when you are in those spaces its kinda hard to think about "creating a capsule wardrobe for every season" when you are just trying to make it through the day. Oh and yes that was one of my goals for this year----unaccomplished

Ok so I had do something. I mean everyone on Instagram is telling me I have to make these last 90 days count. Its dramatic but I kind like a little drama in my life...at least the kind that makes me wanna get myself into gear!

So one rocking Friday night I dusted off one of the 17 unused corks boards (you can never have enough cork boards) and I got to work.

I remember back in June seeing this Instagram account ran by Kristel David and she was hosting a vision board workshop. The thing that intrigued me about this particular workshop was she was using post-it notes not magazine cut outs. She talks about having an actionable vision board and using post-it notes allows you to take off that post- it once the goal has been completed. I was hooked!

Let me tell you why, because I LOVE POST-ITS!!

When I worked in HR my desk would always be covered in post-its. Every to-do action, reminder, random phone number, jimmy johns order (man I miss lunch at the office), it went on a post-it! The best part was at the end of the day I would practice my free throw and crumble up every post-it and shoot my shot! Yes, as I left my office I may have to pickup up a few misses but it felt so good to be done! So I knew this type of vision board was going to be my jam!

Now this vision board is just for the next 90 days. I wanted to test it out and see how I did. I didn't want to make any crazy promises to myself but I want to end the year strong. I want to take my life where its at, clean it up a little bit, and get ready to enter into the new year, hell the new decade!

Who's with me?

It's not too late to adjust, tweak, or simply start over on those goals!

Let's make ish happen, ok!!!


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