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Staying Present As A Mom ​​​



Listen, I'll be the 1st to tell you that being present as a mom is hard as hell!

We are constantly running through the forever long to do list. We carry the mental load bubble above our head to keep the ship running right?

But what would happen if you just for a minute, stayed present? What if you just dedicated all of your attention to something or someone? 

In today's episode I share a very personal story on how I'm working on staying more present, identifying my feelings, and asking for help (ps. I suck at asking for help!) 

This year for me as been hard! I've gone through so many different major life transitions and for a while I was able to keep it all together. I was able to mask how I was really feeling. I was able to hold it all in.

Then I lost my job. Along with losing my job I became I a stay at home mom. I then was left with guess what, my feelings.

Oh, boy did they come rushing in.

Why? Well because for sooooo many years I have mastered the cry for 2.5 secs, push those feelings in a box, and then find a distraction. For me work was my biggest and safest distraction. It was away for me to escape. It was the place that I was told to "leave my problems at the door" because there was work to be done. So that's what I did and I was able to keep going.

What happens when you take your biggest distraction away? What happens when you find yourself with alone and are faced with a lot of quiet moments?

You feel. You feel all the feels. It sucks. It's hard. Its also oh so necessary.

Yesterday during my therapy session I had a huge aha moment! I had a breakthrough! But let me back it up...it wasn't one that made me feel good. It was one that made me face the hard truth.

The truth is that I have to stay in the present. I have to feel all the feels. Yep, that's it. I know not earth shattering. For me however its hard and kinda scary. So I did what my Virgo heart wanted and I created a plan on how to be more present. If you wanna hear the full details of the plan don't forget to listen to the episode but here is a quick overview.

1. Identify my feelings

Its time to let go of the "I'm fine" B.S. Its time to truly say how I'm feeling. Even if I don't really know how I'm feeling. Its time to get a little uncomfortable.

2. Ask for help!

This one is going to be hard! Very hard! However I know its going to be nececessary and its important for my marriage. Listen to the episode to hear a funny story on how I asked my husband for help yesterday.....AWKWARD!!

3. Stay present in the moment

It time to put the mental load bubble away. If I'm going to be with my kids....I'm going to be fully present with my kids. If I'm going to be doing work...I'm going to be fully present doing work. Thats it! I can't do this all the time but I need to make more time to be present.

4.Give myself some grace.

I have to be more flexible. I can be my worse critic and beat myself up over the littlest things. Giving myself grace also allows me to heal. It allows me to feel all of the feels. It allows me to understand that this is my journey. Its messy, its hard, its complicated, its beautiful. Its my road, my journey, my path. If I give myself the space and the grace to do the work then I know I will become the person I'm met to be.

So who's with me? Who's willing to do the work? If you don't do anything else please, please, mamas give yourself some grace! You deserve it!

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