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Secrets To Transition From Summer To Fall With Ease

Raise your hand if fall is your jam!

I'm talking to those die heart PSL, scarves, boots, and OPI Lincoln park after dark fall girls!

You my friend, are my kinda girl.

However, you know what can be a real bummer about? Being buried with homework for the kids, permissions slips, crazy mornings and lets not forget those beloved fundraisers (sorry but nobody wants a $25 canister of popcorn)!!

Tranisitioning from the warm summer days to the rigid routine of fall can be hard.

In today's episode I share the importance of routine, systems, and organization reboot. I talk about how Sunday nights are my jam, bathing meals is everything, and how to still have fun!

K, lets start with

Respecting the Season You Are In

Like I said making the transition from summer to fall can be really hard, exhausting, and sometimes plain boring. Schools in season, the end of the year is fast approaching and everything just seems to be busy. Your calendar gets filled faster and faster and it feels like you are in go go go mode. I get it! When I was working this time of the year was especially hard because being in HR at a major retail company means busy, busy, busy! A few years ago this really got to me and I started to really miss the carfreeness of the summer. Going into work started to become harder and harder, talking about #momgulit it was kicking my butt.

I had to do something

So I deceided to respect the season I was in. The season was going to be busy whether I liked it or not. My calendar was going to slow down, my to do list wasn't going to get any shorter, and the best part was I wasn't going to be in this forever.

As you know season come and season go and such as life. This season can be hard, tiring, and exhausting but if you know that and change your mindset, trust me it will go so much quicker.

I also think its important to find the fun in this season. During the summer months is easy to look for fun and find it. I'm mean every summer since I was a kid I delecard this was going to be the best summer ever. I'm sorry but I don't think anyone is declaring to have the best fall ever but that doesn't mean you can't.

When you are adding the science fair, the soccer meets, and the carpool schedule on the calendar don't forget to add some fun on there too! I mean who doesn't love going to the pumpkin patch, sipping on hot cider and crunching through all the beautiful fall leaves.

Ps. Don't forget to add some fun on there for you too mama!!

Routines, Systems, and Calendars

I think this one is pretty self explanatory but this is a great time to refresh those routines, systems and update those calendars. I don't know about you but I live and die by my google calendar and it is my best friend. I keep that thing color coordinated and put EVERYTHING in it! However you keep your dates organized I highly suggest you get that sucker updated.

This is also a good time to practice some routines, the morning and evening ones especially.

I know for me I'm going to be focusing on our after school routines. This year I will be home when the kids get home so I need to figure out what does that after school routine look like for us. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!!


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Benjamin Franklin

I think benny hit this right on the nail and I couldn't be more on board. Any day that hasn't gone well, felt chaotic, or out of wack is because of my lack of preparation. I didn't get enough sleep, I woke up late, I couldn't find an outfit, I forgot to make my lunch, and on and on!

Getting out of the space of doing things on the go has helped tremendously, especially for the kids.

I'm also a huge lover of Sunday nights. It is my favorite time to get things prepared for the week so I know exactly what the week looks like and what I need to do to make it a success. This is also a good time to cross reference with my husband so that we are on the same page too.

Have fun!

Yes, its busy! Yes, its a little more hectic, but you have to still make time for fun! You still have to make sure that you are enjoying this season as much as you can. Like I said before fall gives you plenty of opportunities to have a good time with your family. Get organized, preparing yourself, and respecting your season are all important but most importantly don't forget to enjoy yourself.

I was talking to a friend the other day she reminded me that winter is right around the corner and I'm someone who can be negatively affected my those dark and cold months. She reminded to me to soak up as much sun as possible, make time for myself, and don't forget to have fun!

So my finally words for you my friend are to have fun, ok?

Ps. What are some of your favorite fall activities? I would love to know!

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