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Refreshing Strawberry Jalapeño Mojio

Updated: Jul 6


1 1/2 oz jalapeño simple syrup 

3-4 strawberries 

10 fresh mint leaves 

3 oz light rum 

Juice of ½ lime


Strawberry sparkling water (I use the Waterloo brand but Bubbly is really good too)

1 strawberries and some mint to garnish 


Make the jalapeño simple syrup

Heat ½ cup sugar and ½ cup water in saucepan until this sugar dissolves. Add 1 jalapeño chopped with seed removed. Allow to steep for at least 30 mins or longer if you want a stronger flavor. Remove jalapeño pieces and store in fridge. 

Add the simply syrup, strawberries and mint leaves to a tall collins glass to muddle

Top with rum and lime juice 

Stir, then fill the glass with ice and top with sparkling water 

Garnish with mint or strawberries 



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