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Outdoor Independent Activities

Finding things for kids to do outside can be hard especially when you have space issues, safety issues, and we

Remember when we could take our kids to the park? Yea, I barely can either. Going to the park was probably one of my favorite independent outdoor activities expect when they want to go on the swing 75 times! Now that the parks still seem to be a little iffy, having to find things for the kids to do this summer seems to be everyone's mission. Well, friends, I'm here to share a few of my favorite outdoor independent activities that you can set up and let the kids have it!

The Car Wash

The car wash is one of my favorite outdoor activities, mainly because my kids will play with it for a long time and because it's effortless to set up.

All you need is 3-4 bins, soap, a towel, and. Shaving cream. You can add in some food coloring to shaving cream to get that rainbow car wash effect but its optional. Oh and the food coloring kinda stains fingers so be careful.

Here is how the kids play with their car wash.

  1. They get their car's dirty

  2. Place them in the shaving cream

  3. Place them in the soapy water

  4. Place them in the clear rinse water

  5. Dry them off

  6. Repeat

I'm telling you this one is always a hit whenever I mention it.

The Have At It Bucket

I love my kids but one thing that has really been hard and annoying hearing is "I'm bored!" Especially when you've heard at least 15875499843 times since March. Ok I'm glad I got that off my chest and no you are not alone :-)

One of the ways I like to be a boredom buster is create a Have at it Bucket. A Have at it Bucket is basically a bucket of several items that the kids can play with alone. It doesn't require any set up or help from me but requires them to use their imagination.

So here is what's in the Summer Have at it Bucket currently



Water Blasters-- I use this same bucket and fill it up with water ( the only thing I need to do)

Jump rope

Shovels and buckets

Cars/Dump trucks

Random toys that are missing parts or came from happy meal toys

Orange Cones- the kids love creating their own obstacle courses with these

Other things that can be added if you like...



Water balloons

Butterfly catcher

Hula Hoops

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