• Monica

Nobody Cares

Getting straight to the point today friends! If you are reading this, this message is for you.

Nobody cares about your dreams as much as you. Its just that simply. Its that easy. Its that straightforward. Nobody is going to push you as hard, fight for you as hard, or cry as hard as you. Nobody is going to wake you up at 5am in the morning so that you have time to work on your side hustle. Nobody is going to stay up with you until 2am so that you edit your video, or send out more resumes, or send a proposal email.

Nobody is going to hold you to your deadlines, your promises, your commitments.

Nobody but you friend.

It sucks to hear that yes, but its also very empowering.

Its empowering to know that you are the one that is going to push through the 8 hour work day, make dinner, put the kids to bed, and then turn on that computer from 8pm-1am every night. Its you that is going to squeeze in a few sketches during your lunch break instead of chatting it up with your co workers. Its you that is going to ask for help so that you can take a Sunday afternoon for a photoshoot to update your blog.

Its you!

And guess what? You got this mama!! Your dreams are worth having, worth striving for, worth fighting for, and worth seeing come into fruition.

The end of the year is going to be here before we all know it. We all made promises to ourselves in January. Some we broke by February, some we don't remember and some we wish hadn't. My question to you is how many more promises to yourself are you going to break this year?

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