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Morning Routines

Let’s talk about morning routines!

I know it’s really hard to nail this one down right? 

I hear your frustrations, the battle cries of those struggling just to get their kid to sleep through the night. Schedules, routines and sleep patterns are constantly changing. Its like this season of life is constantly challenging us to be resilient and adaptable and that is hard!


Oh and lets not forget about all of the messages out there already tell us how to have a good morning. You hear wake up at 4am. Move your body first. Drink hot water. Drink cold water. Journal. Sit in silence. Its alot, and in the end, it makes us want to just say forget it and keep hitting the snooze button! 

I know it, I see it, and I’ve been there. 

That’s why I’m so happy to talk to you all today about morning routines. I’m gonna share with you somethings that i do that makes my mornings  it feel a little more manageable...dare I say it has kinda made me a morning person?

At the end of the day if you take nothing from this episode here is one thing i would like for you to hear. you have to do what is best for you and your family. Understand that these tools might not be for everyone because we are all in different seasons of life and that is ok. 

But if you are in a season of life were you are ready to take back control of your mornings,  end your relationship with the snooze button, and enjoy some quality “me” time, then friends let’s get started. 

These tips and tricks will take you from the 14 time snoozer, to a morning mama angel in no time. Ok maybe not a morning mama angel...but you get what I’m saying! 

Let’s dive in! 

1.Have something to wake up to 

The thing that I find fantasizing about morning routines is that everyone is telling you to get up early. Add more time to your day. 

But what are you waking up to do? 

I remember when I first started this journey of waking up early and I just kept falling off the wagon but I couldn’t figure out why. I mean I was obviously tired and for some reason my bed was also the perfect temperature when I needed to get up.

However when I opened my eyes and get downstairs there really wasn’t much for me to do. I didn’t have anything to wake up to. 

So I started to create a routine for myself in the morning. Something to look forward to. For me it was the quiet time. The coffee too, but really the quiet time.

Sneaking downstairs, going into my office, turning on my mini heater, wrapping my blanket around me, and soaking up the quietness is what I get out of bed for. Going into the bathroom and giving myself a morning facial to wake myself up is what I wake up to. Coffee too but I’ll get to that later. 

So when you think about waking up, think about what does your routine look like. What exciting thing can you wake up to. 

2. Prepare the night before 

I have always been a procrastinar, last minute, down to the wire kinda girl. Then I had a kid, and then I had another, and then I had preschool schedules, work schedules, husband schedules, dance, gymnamastics, etc. You get it! So you know what doesn’t go so well with the procrastining, last minute, down to wire kinda girl….a family! 

Not only does it just doesn’t fit my lifestyle anymore it didn’t fit my further lifestyle either, which is being a morning person. I don’t know about you but the thought of waking up a 4:30am in the morning to make PB&J sandwiches for my kids lunch does not make me wanna get out of bed. AT ALL! 

So I do alllll that stuff at night. The lunch, the clothes, the shoes, the backpacks, sometimes even the toothpaste on the toothbrush. Everything is laid out and ready to go. Why? Because when I wake up in the morning that is my time. It is my time to do things that I want to do not things for others. 

To start prepare as much as you can the night before so that you can ease into the morning.

3. Enjoy something yummy 

Ok lets talk about coffee now. I know not everyone is a coffee addict like myself. However I’m pretty sure that at least 75% of you all loovveee some coffee. But let me tell you something. You know whats better. Coffee warm and alone.


Taking that first sip while the coffee is still piping hot is literally the best. If I’m being honest getting out bed just to have that cup coffee alone is really all I need these days. 

If your not a coffee drinking think about something else yummy you can indulgence in to make you smile or feel warm inside. Sometimes before drinking coffee I’ll have a hot lemon water or tea. Its nice to switch up sometimes. If you are an early eater, I’m not It might be nice to make yourself a nice breakfast. Do something for you. Remember this is your time. You are not here to take care of anyone else but you!


4. Journal/Gratitude 

Along with the coffee, the warm blanket, and the quiet. Taking the time to empty my thoughts in the morning is my favorite. I let this one flow naturally. I don’t use any prompts at this time or but myself on a limit. I just write how I’m feeling at that moment. Sometimes I write 4 page letters and sometimes its 10 sentences. But not matter what I just write until I’m done. Lastly I always finish with gratide.Every morning I write down 5 things I’m grateful for. Alot of times they are the same things over and over again but I write them down anyone. This helps with my mentality. It helps me put things into perspective and allows me to enter my day with a grateful heart. 

5. Get that to do list started 

Now that I’m all warm cozy my coffee is still hot, its time to look at that to do list and my calendar. I love this time because its right before I wake up the the kids. I love to just look at what my day looks like so I can start to make mental notes in my mind, shift things around if necessary and sometimes knock one of the list.

Let me tell you there is nothing better than knocking an item off of your to do list before 6:30am. It is the best. The coffee is good but this is truly the best. 

Well there you have friends!

Tell what are your must-haves in the morning??

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