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Mircomoments of Love to keep a working momma sane

I noticed it...I embraced it.... I held on to as I drove into work. I didn't want to let those feelings go. I wanted to hold on to them. What am I talking about?

I'm talking about love.

As I was walking down the stairs to grab my purse and coat zanella asks me the questions every working mom loves to hear,

" Mom why do you have to go to work?"

It never gets easier to hear that question and It doesn't get easier to answer that question. But I've found a way to be able to keep pushing towards that door with out tears in my eye( at least most of the time).

I think about the mircomoments.... the mircomoments of love.

I think about the way audree looked at me when she woke up at 7am excited to see my face. I think about the breakfast and the coffee Brandon made for me this morning. I think he's perfected a French Press coffee

I think about cracking up with Zanella while watching one of my favorite childhood movies... Little Rascals...which by the way if you haven't seen that movie as an adult you need to now!

I think about Audree and Zanella giving me mutplie kisses, hugs, and Eskimo kisses as I gather my things to

I think about Zanella prompted me to give Brandon an Eskimo kiss

These are the moments that get me through the day...these are the moments I want to cherish in my heart forever.

Its so easy to forget them, I get it. Its hard to hear the sweet "I love you" when your 4 year old is having a meltdown about wanting to eat cookie dough at 9am.

Its hard to feel that little embrace you just received when your pulling your 2 year old off you because she thinks biting is fun.

Its hard to remember that kiss goodbye when your husband is texting you about bills, daycare, and the way you loaded the dishes.

Remember...I get it.

But I also get sometimes those hours at work are long, stressful, and exhausting. The commute sometimes seems unbearable. The demand to be great all the time seems like too much. But trust me if you just remember those tiny little mircomoments they will get you through. At least through your next meeting :-)

Happy Monday Y'all!!

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