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March Favorites

Hello! Hello! Its been awhile since I acutally curated my favorites and I must say I really miss it. I love sharing the things that get me excited or the things that keep me up at night #netflixbinges. Hey! let me know if you come across something that you like too...I wanna know :-)


Netflix Fav- Ugly Delicious: If you really know me you know that I love food, more importantly you know that I love cooking and learning about food. So when I saw this pop up on my Netflix recommended list I knew I had to watch it. If you love learning about food and different cuisines from around the world…then this show is for you.


High Performance Habits: I’m not going to lie I didn’t like this book at first…it was too techinially and to in depth for your typically self help book. But once I was In the space to take in the content my mind was blown. This book has helped with really reshape some of my habits and has given me a lot of clarity. The cool thing about this book is it comes with a ton of free tools and resources. I can’t wait to dig into those.

Girl Wash your Face: This is girl is straight in your face….and I love it!! She talks about everything from motherhood, bad relationships and having sex with her husband for 30 days straight to improve her sex life. Yup that’s right!


Atlanta Monster- I love me a good crime investigation podcast and this one does not let me down. If you know the end please don’t tell me, I’m not there yet

The Read- They keep up to date on all the lastest important gossip while also making me laugh uncontrollable.


Chole X Halle- The Kids are Alright- Beyoncé you really created the most beautiful protégé. These girls have some amazing talent and killed it on this album

Ro James- Smoke- Be careful this is baby makin music 


Orgins charcoal mask- With my adult/hormal acne showing its face more than I like this has really help control what I can control

Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick- Color Miss Conduct Although this Is more of a fall/winter shade I have been loving it… especially since it seems like we will forever be in winter…come on Minnesota

Glossier Balm Dotcom- oddly enough I love this for more cuticles more than anything…It’s the perfect size to but on my beside.


Saving Stuff on Instagram----It has turned into my new Pinterest Feed. Is anyone else obessed?

Digit App--- So easy to save money without even thinking about it.

Five Below- Perfect for cute inexpensive kid toys and treats...I got all of the Kids Easter Basket Stuff on there

That's all folks! Leave in the comments some of your favorites in March. I would love to know!

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