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Mama Reminder: Take A Deep Breath

Now that October is over I have this anxious feeling of OMG the holidays are here. Listen I love the holidays. I enjoy helping with Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas is my JAMMMMMM!!!. However, the holidays also stress me out, they make me anxious, and sometimes brings on a fair amount of guilt.

This year I'm working on doing things a little differently and here's what I plan on doing

1. I'm going to ease into the holidays. Yes everyone is already talking about Christmas and putting up their trees but I'm going to do things on my time. Whenever I feel like it.

2. I'm going to be selfish about what I'm going to partake in and what I'm not going to partake it. The holidays bring on these olbigations that sometimes go against what we actually want to do. This year is all about what makes sense for me and my family. Thats it!

3.I'm going to keep the mom guilt in check. Instagram is going to be filled with sooo many things that can easily make anyone feel guilty or like they aren't doing enough. I'm going work really hard to make sure I don't' fall down that rabbit hole.

4. I'm going to continue to put myself on the calendar. Yes, this is a season of giving and caring for others. However it doesn't mean you have to put yourself on the back burner until the new year. In fact, this is the time to make sure you are putting yourself on the calendar.

5. I'm going to have fun and remember to take a deep breath! I'm sure there will be issues, drama, and stress, but that doesn't mean I have to stay in those spaces. Having fun and taking the time to just breath is what will help me remember what this season is all about!

If you wanna make a pledge to yourself I invite you to join me and fill out this form and tag me @bymonicajones on Instagram. I would love to share your commitments to your self care.

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