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Learn to Rest, Not Quit

Have you ever looked at your to do list and said, "Girl, we gonna get ish done today!"

That was me on Saturday and Sunday! Yes both days I woke up with determination to get things done, expect this 32 year old body was like we are not having it today!

My neck was all the way messed up and gave me a 48 hour migraine. If you know anything about what a mirgraine feels like then you know I was pretty much dying! Not really, but pretty much! Plus have you ever had a mirgraine while trying to entertain children... yea that's death. I'm just saying.

Anywho, that mirgraine said sit down, cancel the plans, lay in a dark room, and pray that the universe sends you a mirgraine fairy to take the pain away. Inever saw the fairy but my husband did massage my neck every 30 mins so I guess that counts?!

Then at approximately 4:20pm on Sunday (which was actually 5:20pm, damn you daylight savings) my body was like ok we can get back to our regular scheduled programming.

Today I took that reserved energy, that to do list, and had a killer day! I mapped out every single hour of my day and got ish done!

Listen I say all of this to say....its ok to rest, it's ok to say no, it's ok to take a different path.

But its not ok to quit.

Yes, in this example I'm talking about having a migraine and taking a rest but this goes for anything in life.

When we are trying to go after living our best life shit will get hard, difficult, and tiring. We will have times when we need to chill the F out and that is ok. But what is most important is that we get back on the saddle and get back to it.

We take that restored energy and put it to good use. We take those restful bones and put them to work.

The next time you need to take a break, a vacation, or a nap, do it! But then I want you to get you rested ass up and get shit done.!

Ps. I tried to not curse in this post but dammit I'm fired up! I hope that helps... sorry mom

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