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Indoor Independent Activities For Kids

I don't know about you but when COVID-19 hit I scrambled to get all the things at Target, The Dollar Store and of course Amazon to keep my kids entertained during quarantine.

I knew that screen time rules would go out the window but my kids get a little wild if they get too much screen time so I had to prepare.

Not only are these great activites that cost little money, effort, and set up time but it allows you to step away and let them play.

The reason I wanted to add independent activites into to the summer camp series was to give you more chances to make some time for you. I understand how difficult it is to keep your kids entertain and and the number one reaston we say we don’t self care is because we don’t have time. Well mamas here is your time. It might only be 5 mins of quiet time but take that 5 mins and do something for you. Sip your coffee while its still hot, write down 5 things your grateful for, text a friend you have chatting with in awhile, sign up for that class you’ve been dying to go to. Whatever you do make a few moments for you then jump into all the other things life has waiting for us. You know like the dishes and laundry :-)

Ok enough chit chatting let's get into the activites


Independent Workbooks

Not all of these books are independenet workbooks and some might require you to answer a few questions but they are nice alternatives to screens.

Here are a list of a few that we love... keep in mind we I have a 7 year old and a 4 year old so these are apporiate for their age group

School Zone: Big Second Grade Workbook

My Magcial Preschool Workbook

Ready Set Learn: Phonics Practice: I purchased this last year at the Dollar Spot in Target.... this is great place to check out for inexpensives educational activites for your kids.

Highlights Sticker Hidden Pictures: Pet Puzzles

Highlights Puzzle Mania Word Searches


Independent Activity Boxes

I love this for the girls espically in the morning when I want them to have less screen time. I do use these boxes alot when I want to get things done aroudn the house but they are also perfect for those 5-10 min self care acts as well.

Kintec Sand- We love kintec sand one because its not very messy and two because the possiblities one how to play with it are endless. The girls really like to use to to hide coins, play dinsourase, or just simple build shapes and run their fingers through it.

Cups/Cards/Dominos- This is another very simple and very inexpensive activity to have on hand. I put all of these items and a box and let the kids imagniation run wild. Most of the items I got from the dollar store or goodwill!

The Rice Bucket:

Disclaimer: This is MESSY! No matter how many times you tell a kid to be careful to keep the rice here and not there it won’t happen. There will be rice everywhere. Its the price you will have to pay every single time. However if you don’t mind things getting messy and would like at least 30 mins of quiet time this is it. Just like the other activites I listed this one has endless possibilites on what they kids can do. My 4 year old loves setting up a little bakery and make these adorable cupcakes. She also likes to bring in other toys and pretends they are on an adventure. I grab a few random toys from the dollar store and any other random toys we had around the house, threw in some cheap rice and let the kids have at it.

Alright, well that is it for now, stay tuned for the next set of activities that I will be sharing next week!

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