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Updated: Mar 5, 2018

Hello, Hello

Ok I hate to be so cliche at the beginning of a new month, but seriously where did January go?

I literally feel like it was just Christmas and now we are talking about Valentines day. Speaking of Valentines day ( like the way I transitioned that in, :-)) I'm so excited to share with you mamas some awesome, easy ways to show "yourself" some love.

Before you run away, give a million excuse, or roll your eyes...I'm not talking luxurious spa treatments, $100 serums, or 3 hour shopping trips. I get it...we do not have TIME for all of that. No the kind of self-care I'm talking about is acts of taking care of your mind, body, and soul. Self-care can be very easy but you are going to have to do that work and make it a need not a want. Remember we can't take care of these little humans were are raising if we can't take care of ourselves.

Tip #1

Journal- I told you they would be easy

Journaling has to be one of my favorite ways to take care of myself. Why? Because journaling takes care of the mental clutter that sometimes clogs the brain. It allows me to literally dump off the crap out of my head and onto paper.

Here's how I Journal

Usually when I journal I try to set a mood. Why? Because it takes the simple act of writing things down into a special time with yourself.

So what does that look like? I usually like to start by lighting a candle or an incense. It just sets the vibe for my mind. Its calming, relaxing, and who doesn't like to smell something good in the air. I also like to get comfortable. That usually means grabbing a blanket, my favorite tea, or propping up my pillows in bed. Then I just simply open my journal and allow the words to flow. I try not to get hung up on how long I write for... I just write until I don't want to. Sometimes that's just a couple of paragraphs and sometimes its a four page letter and a cramped hand. Allow the words to flow and releases what needs to be release. Every time with out fail I feel so much better. I gain clarity, release anxiety, frustration, and i find gratitude.

Don't get hung up on buying a new journal or having a special pen that writes perfectly... I challenge you tonight to whip out whatever you have and just write. Take 10 mins.... stop before you even say it.... you have 10 mins.

Pro Tip: If you new to this whole self care thing I want you take this little mantra with you on your journey and repeat to yourself, "I am worth it" anytime you feel like you want to cancel your "me" time. Ok?



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