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School Is In Session-Are You Ready Mama?

Listen, I don’t  know about you but I’m slightly freaking out!!!!

I have a 1st grader and a preschooler!!!! Yes, I’m yelling... Are you yelling? Are you freaking out? I seriously can’t be the only one right?

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest and I know I’m not alone because your still reading this right?

Cool… let’s dive in!

Here’s the scoop, going from a summer filled with late nights night, late mornings, park hangs, PB&J everyday, missed flossing, and eating way too much take out can be hard to let go.

Especially when you go from that to every-single-mintue-of-your-life-is-on-a-calendar! That is hard. Trust me I’ll be the 1st to admit it.

But after getting Zanella through kindergarten last year I learned a thing or two...so here it is ladies.

1. Meet my Google Calendar...She's my best friend. I keep her pretty with color codes, alerts, and notifications and she syncs to EVERYTHANG.

Doctors appointment- Google Cal

Need to return that permission slip- Google Cal

Lunch money balance low- Google Cal

Oh! Its the book fair-Google Cal

Tuesday night’s dinner- Goolge Cal (thats a new addition for me)

If your school is really cool you can even get their calendar synced up to you google calendar...BOOM! ( Pro tip for ya!)

2. Prep, Prep, Prep

Prep their lunch

Prep their clothes

Prep dinner- have some easy meals, take out and delivery options on deck

Prep anything they need to take to school with them.

You know that feeling of running around in the morning with a half eaten piece of toast in

one hand, a child yelling down the stairs saying they can’t find their yellow shirt, and you

digging through the pile of papers hoping and praying you can find that permission slip.

Is that what you want every morning, girl? NO!

So do yourself a solid and take that precious hour before bed, pop in some headphones and listen to a audiobook or podcast and get ish done!

Trust me you’ll be feeling like Mary effin Poppins in the morning!

3. Wake up Early----I know its hard

but wouldn’t the morning be just a little sweeter if you got your coffee before you have to tell you kid to brush their teeth 5 times.

I’m just saying.

Even if it just 15 minutes it will change your life.

4. Go ahead and lower your exepectaions right now

I know we all kinda want that dramatic moment during drop off.

You know the one were your kid runs back to you and says, "mommy I don’t wanna go" with tears in their eyes.

Listen there is a 99.9% chance that isn’t going to happen (sorry to break it to you).

You know what’s going to happen… i’m going to tell you so you're not broken hearted leaving the school with all the other sad and salty moms.

Your kid is going to hop no scratch that leap out of the car, slam the door, do a quick half turn wave and leave you in the distance.

That might be a bit dramatic but seriously when I dropped Zanella off at Bus she was so ready for me to leave.

She barely gave me a hug and was on her way.

Honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.

There is not enough room in that 1st day for both us to cry.. I’ll take the L on that one.

I say this with all my heart… you are a BADA$$ MOM and your little ones are so lucky to have you!

You are going to kicka$$ this school year, rock those PTA meetings, bring the best snacks to the soccer game, and keep the most beautiful wine in your house at ALL TIMES!!!

Oh and don't forget to get that necessary 1st day of school pic...you are gonna want it. The grow up so damn fast!

Cheers Sister!

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