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End of the School Year Reflections

So I'm just going to get right to it because here's the scoop I could spend this entire blog post talking about how I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast.

But my guess is your not here for all that.

Ok so here is what I do want to say. HOLY SHIT I have a 1st grader and like a real school age kid. Ok that's it.

This year has been so much fun watching her grow and develop into this beautiful amazing, talented, and smart little girl. She's made so many friends, developed some confidence and has impressed her teacher at every conference. I'm damn proud of her and I can't to see what's next for her.

Now of course that all sounds like peaches and cream but here are some things I learned along the way.

Get Involved

I must admit that I did not get involved in Zanella's school the way I should have and wanted to. Honestly a lot of it had to do with me working full time. Its hard to volunteer, show up to school lunch, or go on field trips when you work full time. However its something I honestly regret. I wish I would have made at least one effort to show up. So next year I will be doing exactly that.

No extra curricular activites

This one I debated back and forth on. When school started Zanella wasn't in any extra curricular activities at the time so it was easy to keep that going. However I knew that I didn't want her to start kindergarten along with a ton of new extra curricular activities. I didn't want to overwhelm her. I wanted her to get use to school, the schedule, the work and attention required before we added something. If I was going to add an activity I would have done it after winter break. That is a great time because they have already been in school for a few months, just had a break, and should be able to add something if they want too.

Wake them up earlier than you think

I swear no matter how much sleep Zanella gets the night before she is dragging in the morning. She isn't focused and would rather play with her L.O.L.S than brush her teeth, which I mean I get I but GIRL!! So I recently got this white noise machine that is also an alarm clock and it was worked wonders. Check it out here for more information. I just wish I would have gotten it at the beginning of the school year. It could have easily prevented many screaming matches at 6:30am. Just kidding, kinda...

Check in with them

I can't tell you how many times I got the answer "I don't remember" when I asked Zanella what she learned about in school. Of course I kept probing but mainly came out with an update about a friend or some cool event that was happening next week. I knew it was important for me to keep dialogue open with Zanella about what was happening in school. I wanted her to understand that she can talk to me about anything and even if she didn't want to disclose any information at the time I would always been there to listen. So often she would randomly tell me how her day really was going. Those were the moments I was able to really check in with her, encourage her, and be the teacher I know I'm meant to be. So even if your kids say "school was fine" or "I don't remember" just know that they will come around if you keep that dialogue open.

Ok now I'm off to go cry because seriously I can't believe she's done with kindergarten!!

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