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Back to School Routine Refresh

I can't believe that school is literally 3 weeks away.

It's crazy to think that not too long I was freaking out about what I was going to do with the kids over the summer and now we are talking about back to school.


Anywho obviously things have been pretty chill over the summer, especially when it comes to routines. Bedtime routines, morning routines, and just our day to day has been pretty relaxed. So to help me make the transition back to school a little smoother I decided to slowly get some routines back in order.

Get that calendar organized I don't know about you but I'm already starting to get things from the school about dates, open houses, school supply list, etc. With both of the girls going to school I want to make sure that I stay on top of what's going on. I also want to make sure me and husband our on the same page as well.

We both will have busy schedules and it will be important to cross reference them often. I decided that every Sunday we will take 30 mins to go over our calendars for the week to make sure we are on the same page. One thing that works for us is using a dry erase calendar in the kitchen, a place we visit at least 5 times a day :-)

Meal Plan- I'm not going to lie, I've been pretty good at this already but I think its just getting some better routines around it. If you don't meal plan already I highly suggest it. It seriously takes out the stress of "what's for dinner?" Its also helps with grocery shopping and saving money.

The one thing I'm going to start doing is getting a better routine with grocery shopping. Right now I'm kind of just go whenever, which is not very productive. During the school year I want to maximize my time as much as possible so I will mostly likely rely on online grocery shopping a ton. Have you done this before? Its soooo convenient and helps me save a ton of money! Say goodbye to unnecessary snacks!

Evening and Morning Routine- this will be the biggest adjustment for everyone...well maybe not my husband but everyone else. Right now we are waking up around 7-8am and going to be between 8-9, that will not cut it during the school year!

So instead of just jumping the gun and getting those routines 100% together. I'm going to start with waking them up earlier.

The morning routine is the most important to me because its important how you start your day. I think it will be good for them to also get in the habit of doing the things they would do in the morning during school. Brush their teeth right away, get dressed, eat breakfast, etc. Plus if I start waking them up early I hope they get tried earlier and they will go to bed on time on their own. *fingers crossed* I will most likely start their exactly evening routine a week before school and hopefully won't have too many adjustments to make.

Get ahead the night before I know last year this was a game changer for me. Getting everything laid out and ready to go takes the guess work out of the morning routine. It prevents you from making 17 thousand decision before 9am, that's exhasuting right? So for me its getting the kids clothes picked out, getting my clothes picked out, tidying up, write a to do list, checking the meal plan for the day, etc. The more I can do the night before the better the next morning will be.

Figure out a rhythm- If there is one thing I've learned during my time as a stay at home mom is to not get caught up in the strictness of a schedule. Create a plan, a routine, a schedule but really let the rhythms of your life guide you.

For example I tried really hard to get work done at night after the kids went to bed and although I can some nights I mainly just went to sleep myself. I'm tried and exhausted from the day.

So what I did was extend my time the morning. I get up around 6am everyday. The kids wake at 7am. So instead of closing my computer at 7am because the kids are up... I let them have screen time and feed them breakfast until about 8:30-9am. After that I'm all theirs. They get their screen time, I get more work time, and we all go to bed at a decent hours to do it all over again.

So find your rhythm in these routines and don't beat yourself up too much.

Lastly remember its still summer, let them get those last wiggles out and make some memories. They deserve it, you deserve it.

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