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3 Ways to Discover Yourself As A Mom

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

I just wanna know when will I feel like myself again? When will I recongize myself again? I could probably be super rich if I had the the answer to those questions and if I got a nickel every time I heard a mom ask that question.

It's one of those things that I feel like we don't really talk about before having kids. Of course its not helpful to talk about all the "negavtive" stuff that happens after having kids but something I think need to be talked about and this is one of them.

Motherhood has been one of the biggest life changes things for me. It was giving me a joy that is still undescrible. It has given me frustration that is also undescrbile and sometimes kinda scary. Like I didn't realize I could be so angry! Yikes. The biggest thing that motherhood has done for me is it has forced me to find myself. It has forced me to ask myself some really important life questions. It has allowed me to peel back a layer and metamorph into a new woman

Stop looking back to the woman you use to be. I hate to say this but you will never be the woman you use to be after being a mom. Its practical impossible, so lets start with the woman you are today. This was something that I had to work really hard at and I'm not gonna lie I still reminisce. I still wish I was the fun, wild, and carefree girl. I still wish I had that body. We all do! But here's the scoop, you'll never discover the new you if you keep holding on to the old you. Boom! Put that in a tweet!

Make time for discovery. Ok so know that you understand that you won't be the girl in that 20 something facebook memory its time discovery that woman you are present day. The only way to make this is happen is to make time for it. Make time for hobbies, connecting with friends, self care routines, etc. Put yourself on the calendar. Journal. Go to therapy. Whatever you need to do tap into the woman you are today do that.

Respect your seasons. Taping into this new woman is important. Its important to nutrue her, get to know her, and love her but its also important to give yourself some time. Give yourself some grace. Its important to respect your seasons. Some seasons will be for growth, discovery, and learning. While some seasons will simply be for standing still and going through the process. If you have a newborn baby let me just tell you right now, it is not the time for discovery. Its time for a chill out and hang in there. If you baby is teething its not time to find a new hobby, girl you are tired! You will get there you will get some time back I promise.

Oh I have one more thing...we are in this together. I don't have it figured it! This ideas I shared are things that I have learned and continue to do. There have been layers of this new Monica that has emerged so I'm constantly tapping in. I'm constantly growing. I'm constantly trying to figure out who the hell am I.

So girl, I'm right there with you!

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