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13 Mom Hacks I Swear By

The one thing people with kids love to do is give unsolicited advice. You know what I'm talking about the random woman at Target that tells you that your newborn should be at home and you should be getting some rest. Or what about the random suise78596 on Instagram that shames you for getting your kids McDonalds. Or my favorite how about the mother law that rolls her eyes when you said that you are trying different discipline methods than the ones you were raised with.

Listen, we have all been there before, hell we might have been the person giving the advice once or twice. I'm here to say that this is not what this is at all. This is a take or leave post. This is a maybe give it a try post. This is a these are the things that have worked for me so I want to share them with you and hope you find them useful post.

Ok enough about what this post is actually about lets get into these hacks shall we

1. Wake up before the kids- If you want any quiet time this is the time to get it. Plus do you know how good hot coffee is alone? It too good!

2. Create a calming corner in your house- We try to use a lot of positive discipline tactics in our house so creating a calm corner was part of the plan. However having a space in your house for your kids to go when they are a little wound up works wonders. I will probably do a separate post on this later. Check out generation mindful for more information on postive discipline

3. Give them the 5 minute warning and set a timer- You know the classic meltdown that happens when you tell your kids that they have to stop doing what they are doing? The crying the yelling, the "Oh come on just 5 more minutes!" All of that easily goes down by 75% when I use a timer for the kids. When the timer goes off there are no arguments. It is what it is.

4. Keep a "in case" kit in your car to switch out every season. This has helped me out so many times can't even tell you. I always keep water bottles, bandaids, tissues and wet wipes in the car. In addition to that I update it depending on the season. For example in the summer I had an extra set of towels, swim suits, and a picnic blanket in the car. It helped a ton for those improtmu swim dates.

5. Keep snacks in your purse and car- If you want to have a sane car ride and a sane trip to Target, you must keep snacks on you at all times. My husband loves to keep fruit snacks in his car console and I like to keep granola bars or sqeezable applesauce. Anything non perishable works here.

6. Create a snack station- My kids are snackers! I mean they ask for snacks every 5 mins. So to help me deal with the constant question of what can we have for snack, I've created a snack station in the fridge and in the pantry. In the fridge I like to create snack packs of carrots and ranch, grapes, strawberries, and sometimes pre-made PB&J sandwiches. In the pantry I like to keep granola bars, applesauce, fruit snacks, and crackers for them to grab.

7. Prep for the week on Sunday's- I love to take Sunday's to get the girls clothes picked out for the week, figure out their lunches, go grocery shopping, and get caught up on laundry. Doing all of this allows me to get ahead for the week.

8. Have an activity bag in the car- Kids get bored very easily and car rides can be long so I like to keep some stuff in the car to keep them from getting too bored. Notebooks, stickers, small toys, and crayons are my go to.

9. Create a homework caddy- No more excuses about I can't find a pencil or glue.. Its all in once place ready to go!

10.Create a medicine basket- You know what's the worse...looking around for medicine when your kid has a high fever and is miserable. Also realizing that the medicine has now expired. Thats why I created a medicine basket that is easily accessible and stays fully stock.

11. Use drive up/grocery delivery- If you haven't tried this yet you are really missing out on something special. Especially drive up at Target. Who ever wants to get out of the car with two small children just to get diapers and wipes. No one! However if you use Target Drive Up you can get those diapers and wipes delivered to you while everyone is still strapped in the car. AHHHAAMMMZZZING!!

12. Cook in doubles for leftovers- I just started doing this and I can say its been a huge time saver. I like to do it for recipes like spaghetti or tacos or even lasagna. They make great leftovers!

13. Embrace the chaos- Here's the scoop I can give you a million mom hacks but at the end of the day life is still going to be a little chaotic. You still will have lots of WTF moments and lost of oops. The best way to deal with that is to embrace it all. The good, the bad, and the chaotic!

Let me know what have been some of your go to mom hacks! I would love to know.

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