Hey There!

I'm Monica Jones


I'm an expert at cheerleading for millennial moms and my obsession is sharing my motherhood journey, the good, the bad and the ugly so that you feel less alone. 


A Minnesota blogger, podcaster, mom of 2 and wife of 1, my happiest days are spent with the ones I love eating tacos and drinking wine. 



Being a mom has been the most rewarding role and the most challenging role I've ever been in.

There have been days that filled my love tank to the brim and days that made me feel all alone. It was those lonely days that made me want to connect. It was those days that made me want to share my story.




Why? Because I believe that by sharing our stories we connect.

Those dark hours and lonely nights became less lonely when you find someone that is saying exactly what you are thinking. It's my mission to connect with moms so that we all feel less alone.




How do I do that? I do that by sharing my real, raw and honest experiences in motherhood. Depression, body image, and mom guilt are just a few areas that I share.


I know that there is no blueprint out there that helps us navigate through this motherhood journey so I'm just here sharing my journey with you!The good, the bad, and the ugly!



When I'm not consumed with all things motherhood, I try to date my husband of 6 years as often as I can, and enjoy many sips of pinot grigio while listening to the lastest thriller on audible.